Grilled Eggplant

Grilled Eggplant - Healthy Foodie - ILYNSI Yoga

Eggplant is such a versatile vegetable that can be cooked and seasoned in so many different ways. One of my favorites is grilled eggplant because it is so flavorful and easy to make. 

Materials: Large square grill pan, knife, cutting board, spatula

Ingredients: Large eggplant, olive oil, salt, pepper, tahini, lemon juice


  • Preheat square grill pan on medium heat
  • Slice eggplant in round slices


  • Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of raw eggplant
  • Add 2 tbspns of olive oil to square grill pan
  • Place sliced eggplant to grill pan
  • Flip when bottom is golden
  • Mix 2 tbspns of tahini with 2 tbspns of lemon juice
  • Drizzle with tahini

Try this recipe and tag #ilynsi with a photo so I can see! Comment below and let me know what you think.

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