Potato Pancake

This is my favorite brunch dish that keeps me full and satisfied all morning. I love making this on weekend mornings in particular since I have more time to make it and indulge in its savory flavor.

Materials: skillet, stove, spatula, mandolin shredder

Ingredients: One small potato, 2 large eggs, cumin, ¼ cup of onions, salt, pepper, olive oil, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes


  • Heat skillet on top of a low heated stove
  • Shred potato using mandolin shredder
  • Chop onions
  • Slice bell peppers and cherry tomatoes


  • Add 1 tbspn of olive oil to heated skillet on top of stove
  • Add chopped onions and mix until brown
  • Add sliced bell peppers and cherry tomatoes
  • Add salt, pepper, and cumin  
  • Add shredded potato and mix together with onions and bell peppers
  • Cover skillet with a lid to trap heat
  • Once potatoes are soften and begin to have a golden look crack the two eggs over them and cover the skillet again with a lid to trap the heat and cook the eggs to your liking.

Try this recipe and tag #ilynsi with a photo so I can see! Comment below and let me know what you think.

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