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Karma Series: The Great Law

The Great Law of Karma states “as you sow you shall reap.” 
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Protect Your Mental Energy

Protecting your mental energy is just as important as any health regimen you may follow. 
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Give Yourself Permission to be Happy

Worry and negative thoughts. We all have them. Sometimes we even let them take over our lives so bad that we become depressed, stressed, emotional, and often destructive.  
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Raise your hand if you think being an adult sucks?
11:11 - ILYNSI Yoga


Do you ever find yourself noticing the clock and seeing the same numbers each time? 
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My 30 Day Self Love Challenge Experience

Have you ever really listened to the conversations you’ve had with yourself?
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Building Confidence Through Yoga

Confidence is one of the sexiest qualities a person can have. 
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Stop Complaining! It's Bad for You

We have all been guilty of it - some more than others. Complaining is something we all do. 
Person standing on a rock overlooking the ocean thinking about life - The Self Development Trap - ILYNSI Yoga

The Self Development Trap

Self development is a really important part of growth and maturity. It fosters self awareness, humility, and intuition. However, there are some traps to be aware of. 
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How to Give Advice

Do you often find yourself the one person amongst your circle offering advice? How does that typically turn out for you? Do you find your friends ...
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My Journey as an Entrepreneur

Many of us aspire to become successful entrepreneurs like the big names that have preceded us. We come up with creative ideas that we hope will one day be our winning ticket into financial freedom. 
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Why did I start ILYNSI Yoga?

My vision for ILYNSI Yoga is to become an agent for change in this world. ILYNSI stands for environmental sustainability, enclothed cognition, and healthy living. ILYNSI aims to inspire others to be become more self-aware, live happily, and gain more confidence through active lifestyles and meaningful relationships.