The ILYNSI Yogo-Bag is Here!

ILYNSI is launching our long awaited Yogo Bag! 

Who is the ILYNSI Yogo Bag for?

The ILYNSI Yogo-Bag is for the fierce athleista. She is organized, efficient, and prepared for all of her daily demands. 

Luxury vegan leather yoga bag - The Yogo Bag - ILYNSI Yoga


What makes the ILYNSI Yogo Bag so special?

Luxury vegan leather yoga bag - The Yogo Bag - ILYNSI Yoga


Made from premium eco-friendly leather. Our mission is to provide premium athleisure wear and accessories that are multipurpose in a sustainable way to protect the environment, is cruelty free, and promotes overall health and wellbeing.  






Luxury vegan leather yoga bag - The Yogo Bag - ILYNSI Yoga


Made with love. Like every other product in our line, this bag is carefully designed to motivate and inspire you to be your confident, authentic self, and pursue your fitness goals while at the same time feeling stylish.






Person sewing bag for production - Luxury vegan leather yoga bag - ILYNSI Yoga
ILYNSI supports local businesses.
The Yogo Bag is handcrafted in NY by a local family owned bag manufacturer. That way we can ensure that our products are ethically produced.  












Luxury vegan leather yoga bag interior - The Yogo Bag - ILYNSI Yoga

Functional and
fashionable. With the spacious and luxurious interior, easy access pockets, secure zipper top closure, and outer yoga mat holder, you have ample storage for all your necessities including your phone, water bottle, e-reader/iPad, and yoga gear. The front flap includes a stretch band to securely hold your yoga mat in place. The bag also comes with a clutch for additional storage of personal items. 




World map - free shipping worldwide - ILYNSI Yoga - The Yogo BagFree shipping worldwide. As always, we offer free shipping worldwide. 






 "Believe in the power of good fashion. Believe in yourself. Act on your dreams."



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