Guided Meditation for Overcoming Obstacles


Start in a comfortable position whatever that means for you either in a seated cross legged position or even lying down in savasana. Once you have found your comfortable position close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath INHALE for 3 counts and EXHALE for 4 counts. With every exhale silently say to yourself “I am safe” (5 breaths). 

Listen to the sound of my voice as I will guide you through this meditation. Bring awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply and exhale fully.

  1. One, breathe deeply into the core of your being. Feel the energy that you are taking into you - deep inside of you and when you are ready breathe out and silently say to yourself “I am safe”
  2. Two, take in another deep breath and feel the earth beneath you, grounding you, keeping you safe and when you are ready breathe out and silently say to yourself “I am safe”
  3. Three, take in another deep breath and focus on relaxing all the muscles in your body from the top of your head all the way down to the toes, send the breath to any area where there is tension or tightness and when you are ready breathe out and silently say to yourself “I am safe”
  4. Four, continue breathing in deeply and bring awareness to your heart, feel the warmth of this energy surging through your veins throughout your entire body and when you are ready breathe out and silently say to yourself “I am safe”
  5. Five, take in one last deep breath and bring yourself deep into your heart’s center where you feel safe, loved, and joy and when you are ready breathe out and silently say to yourself “I am safe”

Continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically and with each breath take in the air your body needs to be filled with life force energy and vitality. With each exhale release any tension or fatigue that you might be experiencing and breathe those breaths all the way out. For the next few moments just focus on your breathing and concentrate on only positive feelings and letting go of any negative feelings as you breathe out. 


Imagine yourself on a walking path. This is the path toward your innermost desires, your sense of purpose, your natural expression, and your highest goals. Out several feet in front of you, are the obstacles you are currently experiencing. This can be one obstacle or several, or multiple aspects of the same obstacle you are trying to overcome. In order for you to reach the place of your innermost desires, your sense of purpose, your natural expression, and your highest goals you must first overcome your obstacles and remove any blockages in your way. You have been confused and unsettled for some time. You have felt many different emotions and now you are looking to resolve them. You know that you are the only one who can overcome these obstacles. Silently identify these obstacles that you are seeing out in front of you. Take as much time as you need. 

(count for 10 breaths).     

Now that you have identified these obstacles you are ready to overcome them with strength, positivity, and humility. You understand that overcoming obstacles and frustrations is simply a matter of expanding your awareness of the situation. Our awareness is constricted when our thinking is only of the self and where all of our interests are only for personal gain. We can expand our awareness through positive thoughts of ourselves and others to realize that everything that was an obstacle now appears to have some purpose. Upon further expansion of our awareness, our mind is able to reach complete stillness and have access to intuition and creativity and have a higher purpose. We recognize that there are no obstacles in our life and everything is an opportunity to move to a higher consciousness. Problems only arise in limited awareness, they start to go away in expanded awareness and become opportunities.  

As you start to walk down the path, go deeper into your heart’s center and bring forth your expression of love, joy, and compassion. Everything you need is within you. As you approach your first obstacle, look around it and see it from all angles. Expand your awareness of the obstacle and recognize its purpose in your life. What is this meant to teach you, about yourself, and about others? As your awareness continues to expand and the more of the obstacle you begin to understand, recognize the wonderful opportunity this obstacle has brought you. What is it telling you to do, to change, to overcome? Who is it guiding you to become? Take in a deep inhale and on the exhale send gratitude toward the obstacle thanking it for coming into your life and making you stronger, more intuitive, and creative. Notice the obstacle shrinking right before you. Feel the sense of you overcoming this obstacle with clarity, creativity, and purpose. Feel strong, accomplished, and at peace for the challenges you have endured you have finally overcome. 

When you are ready, move on to the next obstacle you have identified. This may be a different obstacle from the one you just overcame or an aspect of the previous obstacle. Follow the same process as before using your breath as a guide and a source of energy. Take a few moments to continue this process with all the obstacles you have identified today. If you are not ready to move on to your next obstacle that’s ok too. Stay here as long as you like and continue focusing on your breath. Bring your awareness to your heart’s center and continue to bring forth your expression of love, joy, and compassion. Know that where you are at this moment is a place of safety and protection. Focus on the gifts and talents that you abundantly possess that lift you higher than any obstacle that seemingly is in your way.     

Begin to bring gentle movements to your body and notice that your mind is clear and confident and aligned with your heart's innermost desires. Feel how wonderful and emotionally calm and at peace you now are, when you are ready to open your eyes you are energized and fully awake. You are inspired, grateful, and ready to take on the day ahead. 

Thank you for sharing your mindful practice with me. I am honored to have guided you through this meditation. Before we conclude this meditation, I would like to take a few minutes to just jot down some of our thoughts in a journal while our minds are still clear and our intuition is guiding you. Meditation is a tool to help you access your inner wisdom that will guide you along your journey. 

Wishing you peace, joy, and love. Namaste.


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