Guided Meditation Law of Attraction


Guided Mediation Transcript 

Let's all start in a comfortable position whatever that means for you either in a seated cross legged position or even lying down in savasana. Once you have found your comfortable position close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath INHALE for 3 counts and EXHALE for 4 counts. With every exhale silently say to yourself “I believe” (5 breaths).   

Begin to relax and listen to my voice as I will guide you into a deeper state of meditation where you will be fully immersed within your innermost self. Remove all thoughts and distractions from the mind and bring full awareness to your breath. 

  1. One, take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air and notice the expansion of your ribcage. Exhale and feel the ground beneath you. Know that you are fully supported so that you feel safe and can fully let go of any inhibitions.
  2. Two, take another deep breath in and fill your lungs with air, tense all the muscles in the body and hold for five count (5, 4, 3,2,1) and exhale release.
  3.  Three, take another deep breath and one more time inhale tense all the muscles in the body and hold for five count (5, 4, 3,2,1) and exhale release.
  4. Four, take another deep breath and feel all the muscle in the body relaxing from your forehead, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, collarbones, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, legs, and feet. All of you is relaxed.
  5. Five, take one more deep breath in and feel your energy center and enjoy a sense of stillness within you as you exhale. 

Be still and feel the subtle vibration of energy beginning to course through your body starting from your heart’s center moving its way through the chest, shoulders and hands, then down the abdomen to the hips, thighs, legs and feet, and lastly up through the spine, to the neck and into the minds eye. Feel this energy energizing and awakening every cell in your body. Feel this energy bringing your mind, body, and spirit into perfect alignment. Welcome these sensations as they rejuvenate and revitalize your every being. Notice this positive vibration growing stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper throughout every part of your body. 

Go deep inside to your innermost center of your heart using your breath to get you there. INHALE, EXHALE. Once you have reached your innermost center of your heart, allow the vision of your true desires to come forth into your mind. See this crystal clear vision in every detail and in full color exactly how you want it to be. Move from the observer into the body within this vision and be fully present as if it is your current reality and has already manifested in your life. Experience everything that is occurring within this vision with hypersensitivity from the emotions to the physical actions. Relish in this wonderful feeling of realizing your innermost dreams coming true right before you. Take a few moments and silently describe what is happening, how you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you are seeing? For the next 10 breaths really live this vision of yours and all the joy it brings you. Allow these positive feelings to vibrate throughout your entire being causing a sense of abundance, belonging, and knowing that all is right.    

(Count 10 breaths) 

As this new vibration is instilled within you, feel the calm elation of knowing that your innermost reality is now manifesting and the universe will provide it to you in divine right timing. Feel the peace in your mind, body, and spirit as you have tapped into your creative powers. For the next five breaths inhale deep and on the exhale silently say the following: 

  • Inhale, exhale it is done 
  • Inhale, exhale I trust the universe
  • Inhale, exhale I trust divine timing
  • Inhale, exhale I am blessed
  • Inhale, exhale I am grateful
  • Inhale, exhale I am abundant
  • Inhale, exhale I am a powerful creative being 
  • Inhale, exhale opportunities surround me everywhere I go
  • Inhale, exhale I am a magnet for all positivity, abundance, and opportunities 
  • Inhale, exhale I am accomplished 

Continue this breath.

Feel how light and peaceful your mind and body are in this moment. You are centered, grounded and supported by the universe. Notice a new sense of clarity and alertness within your mind and new vitality within your body and allow this positive vibration to remain with you throughout the day. Allow this positive vibration to energize you as you pursue each of your endeavors aligned with your innermost vision. Begin experiencing the feelings of excitement for the day as you prepare to work toward your vision. Use your mind to leverage this powerful energy within you to foster a feeling of vitality, motivation, personal power, excitement, confidence, creativity, and success. The more you leverage this powerful energy within you the easier it will be and the more intensely it will grow. This energy brings life to your hopes and dreams and infuses you with courage and motivation to act on those dreams and make it a reality. It permeates your mind and causes it to be perfectly aligned with creating the vision you desire. 

Throughout this practice, you have developed a strong sense of purpose and belonging. The energy surging within you causes you to want to move so you can manifest your vision to reality using your body. You hold the power within you to manifest all of your desires through focused action that is aligned with your vision. Your thoughts direct the actions needed to achieve your goals. You have activated the powers within you to effortlessly act upon your goals and successfully achieve thus creating endless possibilities for the opportunities available to you. The universe is ready to assist you toward all of your successes.

As this meditation draws to a close take a moment to feel gratitude that your new reality is now being realized into your life. Inhale deeply and on the exhale silently say to the universe “thank you.” Begin to bring awareness back to your breath and continue to exhibit gratitude for all that you have received and all that you will receive from the universe in due time. 

(Count 5 breaths)

Begin to bring gentle movements to your body and notice that your mind is clear and confident and aligned with your heart's innermost desires. Feel how wonderful and emotionally calm and at peace you now are, when you are ready to open your eyes you are energized and fully awake. You are inspired, grateful, and ready to take on the day ahead.   

Thank you for sharing your mindful practice with me. I am honored to have guided you through this meditation. Before we conclude this meditation, I would like to take a few minutes to just jot down some of our thoughts in a journal while our minds are still clear and our intuition is guiding you. Meditation is a tool to help you access your inner wisdom that will guide you along your journey. 


Wishing you peace, joy, and love. Namaste. 

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