How to Achieve the Perfect Baby Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana or Baby Cobra is commonly used in a vinyasa flow sequence as a beginners variation to Upward Facing Dog. One of the best uses of this pose is to increase flexibility in the spine and back muscles. This will allow you to build the foundational strength needed to achieve more advanced back bend poses as you progress through your practice. 

Young woman doing yoga in the park in a baby cobrapose on an eco friendly yoga mat - Plank Pose - ILYNSI Yoga



  • Soothes spinal injuries such as slipped discs
  • Lengthens and tones the spinal regions and opens the chest
  • Strengthens the neck and aids the esophagus
  • Tones the reproductive organs 
  • Stimulates digestion and relieves constipation
  • Tones the liver, kidneys, and adrenal glands
  • Keeps the spine supple

The Pose

  • Inhale, from either the Eight Point Salute or Chaturanga Dandasana, swing the upper body through your palms on the floor
  • Keep the knees in place along with feet together or hip width apart
  • Stretch the tops of your feet on the floor, toes pointing backwards
  • Reach the chest up and forward
  • Keep the elbows next to the torso
  • Keep the shoulder blades back and down toward the sacrum 
  • Eyes focused on your third eye chakra 
  • Keep the mouth closed and the tongue on the soft palate
  • Lift the palms off the floor and hold using your core and leg muscles 

Breaths: Aim to hold for 1 to 5 breaths


  • If you are pregnant and past your first trimester or have lower back issues
  • Lifting your feet off the floor as you lift your chest
  • Squeezing your buttocks so tight that results in over tensing your lower back

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