How to Achieve The Perfect Chaturanga Dandasana Pose

The Chaturanga Dandasana is a push up plank pose that enables the transition into the vinayasa flow. From here, you have the option to go into and upward facing dog or the eight point salute (aka knees chest chin). The Chaturanga Dandasana is a strength building pose that promotes proper posture and alignment throughout your yoga practice.  

Young woman doing yoga in the park in a chaturanga dandasana or push up plank pose on an eco friendly yoga mat - Chaturanga Dandashana - Push Up Plank Pose - ILYNSI Yoga


  • A foundational pose that teaches you how to find your center and activate your legs in arm balances
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists Tones the abdomen

The Pose

  • Begin in Plank Pose
  • Exhale, bend the elbows 90 degrees
  • Keep the elbows parallel to the ribcage
  • The chest opens forward and the shoulders reach toward the hips lift the kneecaps, heel reach back, imagine the heels touching the wall keep the feet hip width apart and the entire body in one straight line, a few inches away from the floor tighten the buttocks
  • The hands and toes support the entire weight of the body Modification
  • Beginner variation: Perform Knees/chest/chin until your develop more strength 

  • Intermediate variation: Exhale the knees to the floor, bend elbows into chaturanga 

Breaths: Hold for 2 breaths


  • DON’T stick your buttocks up or let your shoulders collapse any lower than your elbows.
  • DON’T lose integrity in your core and let your center sag.

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