How to Achieve the Perfect Devotional Warrior Pose

Bhakti Virabhadrasana or Devotional Warrior is a beneficial pose for both the body and mind. The essence of the pose is to realize ones humility and connect the spirit to the earth. It is also considered a variation of the intense extended side angle poses. 

 ILYNSI YOGA - Young woman doing yoga in the park in devotional warrior pose


  • Relieves stiffness in the legs and hip muscles making the hips and spine more elastic
  • Tones the internal organs and aids digestion 
  • Removes stiffness from the wrists and corrects slouching shoulders
  • Helps clear mucus from the respiratory tract

The Pose

  • Coming into this position from Warrior 2 and starting with the right side inhale and bend the right knee
  • Forward fold the upper body toward the knee with the right shoulder resting on top of the right knee
  • Keep the left foot 12 inches back from the right towards the end of the mat
  • Exhale and slide the right shoulder down the right leg with the crown of the head to the floor. With each subsequent exhale push deeper into the pose
  • Keep the right knee directly above the right ankle 
  • Press the edge of the left foot down and keep the heels in line
  • Relax the inner thighs, groin, and the internal organs
  • With each exhalation bring the harms further over the head
  • Repeat on the left side

Breaths: Aim to hold for 1 to 5 breaths

Avoid: If you knee or shoulder injuries, or low blood pressure


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