How to Achieve the Perfect Eight Point Salute Pose

Ashtanga Namaskara or the Eight Point Salute pose is a perfect alternative for a beginner not quite ready for the Chaturanga Dandasana pose. 

 Young woman doing yoga in the park on green grass using an eco friendly yoga mat doing the knees chest chin pose or eight point salute she is wearing all black yoga athletic gear


  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Develops and opens the chest muscles 
  • Lengthens the throat muscles

The Pose

  • From plank pose, exhale and separately lower the knees, chest, then chin to the floor
  • Keep the hips reaching up
  • Keep the sit bones pointed upwards and the toes curled
  • Pull the abdomen away from the ground
  • Push the upper body forward into an Upward Facing Dog

Breaths: Aim for 4 breaths

Avoid: If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist injury, or any recent injuries to your neck, shoulder, or elbow. Also avoid if you are pregnant and past your first trimester.

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