How to Achieve the Perfect Raised Arms Pose

Young woman doing yoga in the park in an raised arm pose - Raised Arm Pose Pose - Yoga - ILYNSI Yoga Hasta Uttanasana or the Raised Arms Pose is the second pose in the Sun Salutation sequence and prepares the body for the forward bend in both posture and breath.  


  • Stretches the front of the abdomen
  • Activates and strengthens the arms and shoulders
  • Tones the spine Opens the lungs

The Pose

  • Inhale, circling the palms down to the sides and up towards the ceiling
  • Palms together above the head
  • Gaze at the thumbs
  • Send shoulder blades down towards the hips
  • Reach chest towards the fingertips
  • Rotate the biceps outward Pose 
  • Prepare for the forward bend

Breaths: Start with 5 breaths to establish a breathing cadence throughout the body then shorten the breaths down to 1 between subsequent poses


  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Avoid hyper extension in the legs or pushing out the hip bones

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