How to Jump or Walk to the Front of the Mat

The jump or walk to the front of the mat is a helpful transition into several beginner and advanced poses within your yoga practice. It enables greater full body strength and stability particularly when transitioning into inversions. 

ILYNSI YOGA - Young woman doing yoga in the park in down dog position ready to jumpILYNSI YOGA - Young woman doing yoga in the park jumping to the front of the matILYNSI YOGA - Young woman doing yoga in the park in jumping to the front of the mat



  • The plank is a great exercise to develop core strength and to alleviate lower back pain. By adding the jumping jacks movement you're turning this exercise into a great cardio workout that elevates your heart rate and burns even more calories.

The Pose 

  • To jump back, engage your pelvic and abdominal muscles to prepare
  • Exhale, bend the knees and place the palms flat on the floor, fingertips in line with the toes
  • Tightly and without any sound jump the feet back hip width apart, straight into chaturanga dandasana
  • To jump forward, bend the knees slightly, look between the hands keeping the pelvic and abdominal muscles engaged Inhale, lightly and lightly jump both feet forward in between the hands, toes in line with the fingertips Straighten into flat back
  • Beginner variation: step one foot back at a time into plank pose

Breaths: Hold for 1 breath. Exhale, then take a deep inhale and jump forward.


  • If you have wrist or shoulder issues.
  • Also avoid sinking or releasing the core - maintain engagement to ensure protection of your back.

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