Yoga and Spirituality

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For some, yoga is just a physical activity while for others it is a complete mind, body, spirit experience. Like anything else in life, yoga is what you make of it. In my experience, yoga has been a very spiritual journey as I have learned more about my body, my physical limitations, my ambitions, and my potential for growth. Below are some examples of how yoga helps to guide your spiritual awakening.

Creates Self Awareness

Yoga helps to create a better sense of self. Through the physical practice, you are able to see what your physical abilities and limitations are. It also helps you to understand your competitive nature - are you more competitive with yourself or more competitive with others? While in a yoga class, do you look around the room and compare yourself to others? How does this translate into your everyday?

Becoming more self aware can be a challenging process because not everyone is ready to answer the question “who am I?” This requires some soul searching and honesty with yourself. Once you have a better sense of self you are able to follow a path that is truly aligned with your needs and goals ultimately, creating a happier more productive you. You will be able to show up in the world as your true self letting your spirit shine.

Enhances Intuitive Spirit

Yoga has the power to activate our spirits in a very unique way. It helps us to realize that we are part of a universal consciousness and that collectively we have the ability to create positive change in the world. Through self awareness and self identification, we are able to understand ourselves and our desires. It also helps us to trust the journey we are on and let the universe manage the natural order of things. The meditative component of the practice helps to calm all the noise we experience internally and listen to our intuition. Once we are able to hear what we really want out of life we will be able to work toward achieving those goals.

Focuses on the Breath

Throughout any yoga sequence, you will be guided from pose to pose through the breath. The goal is to clear the mind and allow the mind and body to communicate without any distractions. Through yoga, you are able to turn thought into action by guiding the body into a particular position. Without going too much into the physiology, the muscles that enable your balance and strength within a pose require oxygen to give it the energy it needs to move. The connection between the mind and body is helps to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. The breath will guide you in the direction to complete the pose while at the same time eliminating all other thoughts.

Balances the 7 Chakras

Several of the yoga poses are beneficial in balancing the seven chakras along the spine of the body. The seven chakras are the body’s energy fields through which we experience life. Many poses are used to balance the energy or release blocks from any of the chakras. Having a balanced chakra system allows you to synchronize yourself with the universe in a harmonious manner. You will be guided by your inner being toward your purpose and desires. You will also know intuitively to act upon your goals because of the harmony you are feeling within your inner world that extends to your outer world.

Creates a Self Care Regimen

Yoga is one excellent way to develop a better self care regimen. Better self care leads to better self love and compassion. Like with any healthcare initiative, you will notice both physical and emotional changes. Overtime, the positive habit will be reinforced and you won’t want to stop experiencing the benefits of your regimen. Moreover, having a self care regimen will emit a happier and more radiant spirit that people will become more attracted to. The love you feel for yourself you will begin to both give to and receive from others.

This is the world of duality where our physical and spiritual selves are intertwined. It is through our physical selves that we are able to understand our spiritual selves. The rituals we keep, the actions we take, the things we forgo - those are all indicative of our true nature. Life is meant to be loved and enjoyed but the love has to start with yourself. It is the inner work that needs to happen in order for your to feel genuinely good about yourself.

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