4 Benefits of the The Minimalist Lifestyle

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You might think you the minimalist lifestyle is just a trend but it’s actually developing into a cultural phenomenon here to stay. Below are the top four reasons to consider becoming a minimalist.

1. Sustainable Living 

You will reduce the amount of waste you put into the environment. According to the World Bank Group “The OECD countries generate 572 million tons of solid waste per year.” Moreover, a 2016 survey found that the average American will toss out 81 pounds of clothing this year. That amounts to 26 billion pounds of textiles and clothes ending up in landfills. These are devastating statistics. Becoming more conscious of our purchases and and purchase habits will enable to ripple effect needed to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

2. Clear Space Enables a Clear Mind

Before I can start any task that requires my focus I must first have a clean and organized space. How many of you can relate? In my office, my desk contains only my computer, pens, and a notebook. I don’t typically put other decorations because I find them distracting. I find that a cluttered space clutters my mind and I can't focus on what I need or want to accomplish. Decluttering also helps you to become more organized and focused on your tasks. It can also help you to become more efficient in completing your tasks because you no longer have to make up for lost time.  

3. Save Money on Material Things

Becoming a minimalist does not mean being cheap or frugal. Instead, it is a reallocation of funds on more meaningful experiences. Let's do a thought experiment for a second. Think back about a year to the last purchase you made that you were really excited about. Where is that item now? What shape is it in at this point? How many other items do you have that look just like it? 

Once I started spending my money on experiences such as travel, dinners with friends and family, excursions, and activities I realized how much happier I became. My quality of life and my priorities shifted. I realized that life is truly about the number of experiences you accumulate that enhance and strengthen your character and definitely not about the number of things you collect. 

 4. Allows You to Become More Grateful

Gratitude is one of best and, in my opinion, sexiest qualities a person can have. Being grateful for what you have is a direct path to happiness. In essence, it is also living in the present. By looking at your surroundings and understanding that you are exactly where you are meant to be, achieve all you were meant to achieve, accumulate all that you have accumulated, and even lost all that you were meant to lose, then you can consider yourself successful. Moreover, gratitude prevents you from comparing yourself to others. Realizing that you have exactly what you need that also fulfills your current desires is another indication of success.  

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