How to Increase Your Intuitive Instincts

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Our emotions are our barometer for whether or not we are in the right situation. Generally speaking, in a positive situation our emotions are happy, we feel secure, and are willing to open up. In negative situations, we feel sad and often times our behavior is a manifestation of our need to protect ourselves. The challenge is that we may not always understand our emotions and that leads to difficulty in effectively expressing ourselves.

I believe that regardless of how well we understand our emotions we always know when something is not right. Our emotions are expressed through our behavior although it is not always linear. In some cases, people who are deeply saddened or going through challenging times might be the most social and uplifting while in other cases, they may be angry, crying, and even violent. The same holds true for people in positive situations. We also don’t always know how our emotional expressions are being perceived. You may be totally fine and based on you facial expression people might ask you if you are upset. Therefore, it is important that we take the time to sit with ourselves and learn about how we process our emotions. In addition, we should take inventory of the things that tend to irritate or upset us and try to figure out why that is.

Use Your Intuition, Don’t Rely On Others

When you know something is not right for you, trust your intuition. Your intuition is the emotional compass that will guide you in the right direction.

Stop listening to people! One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years is that people, even those with the most altruistic intentions, have no idea what is best for you. Most of the time we ask for advice on how to handle situations but we already know what the answer is. In our hearts, we know that the job we have is not helping us reach our goals, the relationship we have in not fulfilling our emotional and/or physical needs, or the lifestyle we lead is not truly fulfilling. Other people will often give you advice based on their own risk tolerance or ego. Their advice is more often than not completely misaligned with your needs and will not serve you. Your intuition on the other hand will never fail you.  

I have always been really intuitive especially when it came to reading people. I have also frequently been foolish. In many instances, I would feel it in my gut that something or someone was not right for me but would often ignore it. Looking back, I realized I was just scared to make a change. I was also scared to disappoint others or speak up for myself. I realized that even though I knew I should have trusted myself I didn’t know that I could have trusted myself. My history and past choices have failed me and prevented me from creating the foundation I needed to trust in my own intuition. It has taken a lot of self reflection and personal development to create the intuitive foundation I have today... and there is still a long ways to go. 

Letting Go of Past Hurt

When I first learned about this concept, I never considered how past hurt could affect our intuitive instincts. However, the more I thought about it the more it made sense to me. Like many people, my past hurt consisted of passive bullying and rejection from family, friends, and coworkers. Some people were oblivious about their behavior and others were intentionally being hurtful.

I later realized how much this impacted my relationship with myself and subsequently my relationship with others. Throughout the years, I lost my ability to trust myself as well as my confidence. I was always perceived as shy or insecure but really I was just afraid of what people were thinking of me. I didn’t want to be vulnerable to others. I knew I had a voice and a lot to offer but I lost the desire to seek validation from others. I carried this baggage for many years into my adulthood. In many cases I knew my intuition was trying to tell me something but my past experiences prevented me from being able to hear it. 

“Our behavior is a reflection of how others perceive us”

I realized that I order to build the intuitive foundation I needed to begin trusting myself and forgive everyone who hurt, rejected, or overlooked me.

Follow The Signs

Your intuition is more than just a voice in your head. It is a full body experience albeit subtle at times and alarming at others. Intuition can manifest in many forms. One way is through coincidence. I recall many times in my life when something I thought was a good opportunity presented itself, and just as I was about to go for it another opportunity presented itself. I believe that was a test of my intuition to determine how secure I would be in my decision making power. I recall in those moments feeling uncertain about the first opportunity but deciding to go through with it anyway. Soon after I would realize that I made the wrong decision by not trusting my intuition. If you are uncertain about something it is very likely that it will not work out in your favor and it is best to let it go.

Intuition also comes in the form of barriers. I believe that when something is truly meant for you all the pieces will just fall into place naturally. When something doesn’t feel right and things are not going the way you might have hoped that means it is not the right situation for you. Again, your emotions will dictate how you are feeling but in the right situation you won’t have to struggle, knock down doors, or convince others that they should trust or value you. If you have to force things to happen then it is not right for you - it will more often than not blow up in your face.


Meditation is one of the best ways to learn how to listen to yourself. It allows the mind to decompress and destimulate so you can tap into the true emotions you are feeling. The first thought you experience after meditation related to the issue you are having is the correct choice you need to make. That is the loudest that your intuitive voice will be. Meditation creates a safe space to get to know yourself through stillness and allows you to tune into what is within. Regular meditation keeps the intuition loud and confident. Trust that you hold the answers.

“Meditation is where compassion, understanding, and clarity are born and nurtured.”

I believe that everything we need to know about how to make decisions is in our intuition and our emotions will tell us how to get there. If you are going through a difficult time, find a quiet space, place yourself in that situation, and begin to identify the emotions you are feeling. Then ask yourself based on those feelings would you like to continue feeling that way?

Journal Your Thoughts

Journaling is one of the best ways to release emotional toxins and objectively see your feelings on paper. It helps the mind to see its thoughts and emotions in physical form and logically process them by focusing on the words. The words are also helpful in seeing correlations between thoughts or experiences.

Journaling is also a helpful practice in tracking your emotional progress. Maintaining a daily journal can be beneficial in seeing the progression toward emotional maturity as you learn to understand and process your feelings in a healthy way. It leads to better communication and increased happiness thereby, improving your overall quality of life.

Overall, do not underestimate the power of your emotions. We all have the power within ourselves to follow our hearts and achieve our goals. Have the confidence within to objectively identify your emotions and connect them to experiences.

May you be blessed with a strong intuitive instinct and the courage to follow your passions.

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