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In Sanskrit, Karma means to do or act. It can be defined  as an action, deed, or work tied to the intent behind it. The deity Buddha explained it as “this arises that becomes.” One of the common misconceptions about karma is that it is a form of punishment or retribution for our actions. However, it is actually all things in the universe working in perfect harmony based on the actions serving as it’s catalyst. This is so there is balance in the universe. Another thing to note about karma is that it is not a reward system but rather a set of values meant to teach us to do better. It is a compound effect of behavior and actions that manifests over time.  

12 Laws of Karma

There are 12 laws of karma, each of which describe a level of conscientiousness needed before committing an act.   

  1. The Great Law - whatever we put into the universe will come back to us
  2. The Law of Creation - life does not happen by itself, we have to make it happen
  3. The Law of Humility - we must accept something before we can change it
  4. The Law of Growth - by changing ourselves we change our lives
  5. The Law of Responsibility - we are responsible for what happens in our lives 
  6. The Law of Connection - the past, present, and future are all connected
  7. The Law of Focus - we cannot think of two different things at the same time 
  8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality - our behavior should match our thoughts and actions
  9. The Law of Here and Now - we cannot be present if we are looking backward
  10. The Law of Change - history repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path
  11. The Law of Patience and Reward - the most valuable rewards require persistence 
  12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration - rewards are a result of the effort/energy we put into it

Karma is an opportunity for us to learn a lesson and make the necessary changes to break the cycle. In order to manifest our desires we must first get rid of lackluster and negative energy. Changing our karma is a gradual process but what we do today will change our present and future for the better. 

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