Karma Series: The Great Law

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The Great Law of Karma states “as you sow you shall reap.”  This means that whatever we put into the universe will come back to you like a boomerang. No matter what faith you follow this is a very powerful philosophy. Our life experiences are a direct result of the patterns and actions we choose and the intentions that go along with them. This is not exactly cause and effect but rather the consequences of an action or pattern of actions.  For example, when turning on a light in a room full of sleeping children that cause and effect is that a dark room now has light. However, the consequence is that the sleeping children have woken up and disrupted their sleep.

“Happen to life. Don’t let life happen to you”

The Great Law cautions that we should all live with a sense of purpose and meaning.  Recently, I was in Grand Central Market in Midtown Manhattan buying chocolates and met a man and his mother waiting to make a purchase. Both were friendly so we started talking. The man told me that his mother was 85 years old but looking at her she didn’t look a day over 50. She had amazingly flawless skin and such a youthful smile and I was completely mesmerized by her. I asked her for her secrets to staying so young and she responded “simply living with intention.” I found her advice to be pretty solid but it wasn’t until I started researching for this blog that it finally clicked for me. Living with intention is directly aligned with the first law of karma.

“If you knew how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative thought again”

Living with intention means not only understanding the reasons for why you do certain things but also understanding the consequences associated with your behavior and actions. If you start to notice a change in attitude from your peers toward you, you might want to reflect on your past interactions with them. If you are noticing that things in your life seem to be crumbling, consider the pattern of actions you took that chipped away at the stability you previously had. Perhaps you will realize that you were taking things for granted.

Now more than ever do I understand the importance of living with intention. I realized that my mindset and beliefs guide my actions and are responsible for all of my experiences. I also believe that living with intention requires a strong sense of self awareness. In order to understand your patterns you must also understand yourself. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you say the things you say? Can you separate yourself from the negativity and look objectively at yourself. Conduct a self analysis and begin working on a better version of yourself.

“I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive thing are made, that returns well.” - Yannick Noah

Lastly, living with intention is about curating the opportunities you want to have along this life journey. If you are not where you want to be in life then start to make changes to get you where you want to be. You can start small to get the momentum going and once you get comfortable you can start taking larger steps toward your goals. Living with intention is also one of the most proactive ways to achieve happiness. One of the things I have struggled with in early adulthood has been figuring out my place in the world. After college, you really don’t have a set goal that you are working towards and you constantly come across these forks in the road where you have to make major life decisions with little guidance (i.e., where to live, where to work, who to marry, should you have children). However, you have to know where you are going in order to make these difficult decisions. This might be contradictory to some philosophies that advocate for living in the present. I believe in a healthy balance of focusing on the present with full intentions to meet your future goals.

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