Karma Series: The Law of Creation

Person creating art painting a beach landscape - Karma Series: The Law of Creation - ILYNSI Yoga

The Law of Creation explains that we must actively participate in creating the life we want to live. The way in which we perceive the world is a direct result of our actions and beliefs not only in what we think we deserve but also what we choose to do with our time.  

“Many of life’s joys and fears come from the unknown and from the ability to create the new known”

Before learning about this law, I used to believe that anything I wanted to receive in life would be too challenging to obtain. Although I believed that the world is truly abundant, I never felt like I had the right resources to access that abundance. Coming from an immigrant family, I witnessed the hardships my parents went through to make life just manageable. We did not have a lot of material possessions nor were we exposed to many luxuries. I was taught to work hard and follow a straight path in order to have a “comfortable” life. This conditioned my mind to believe that no matter how simple things could be, I needed to work hard in order to feel like I earned what I had.

When I entered the real world of adulthood I began to notice how differently people lived their lives and it made me question what more I wanted out of life. I was especially inspired by the influencer movement where many young people decided to challenge the status quo and created a new path for themselves. Influencers took their hobbies and passions and decided to share it with the world. With that, a new movement was created. I was also deeply inspired by the many entrepreneurs who left their comfortable jobs to start a new more meaningful venture. I wasn’t that was something I could do but I was curious enough to explore. I began questioning my capabilities, my choices, my happiness, and overall perception in life. I realized I wanted more from life and it was in my control to achieve it.

“Don’t look for purpose, create it.”

The Law of Creation has taught me that anything in life is possible as long as you believe in it. As cliche as it sounds, we are all creators by nature. Every invention in the world was created because somebody had the courage to search for a solution and it present it to the world. We are surrounded by inspiration and opportunity everywhere. Opening up our minds and eyes to this possibility is the first step toward active creation. Although it took me a while to change my belief system, and it is still a work in progress, I realized how much happier I became when I felt like I had more control over my life. I began to visualize the life I wanted to have and developed goals that helped me get there. One of which was starting this business. 

“Life does not happen by itself, we have to make it happen.”

The second step is developing the confidence to pursue your creative nature. Starting ILYNSI Yoga was an emotional process. It took me years to decide that this was the right path for me. I had this burning desire for years but kept putting it aside because I did not know how to start. I began visualizing  what my life would look like and outlined it on paper so I had something tangible to hold on to. Slowly but surely, I began to develop the courage to pursue this goal. I also realized that life is fluid and goals evolve over time. The more I worked on my goals the more my fears of not achieving dissolved. The act of doing makes things more manageable and understanding that it is not about the destination it really is about the journey.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

The third step is surrounding yourself with what you want so it is conducive to receiving your desires. We are highly adaptable creatures therefore, it is imperative that once we set goals for ourselves, we surround ourselves with the right environment to help us achieve our goals. The more I researched for ILYNSI the more I time I spent with the people I believed were genuinely dedicated to my success. The people I began to meet through this experience were not only encouraging me they were connecting me to the right people and events to help me achieve my goals. That is the funny thing about life, once you declare that you want something, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Just believe, let go of anxiety, and start working toward your goals.

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