My 30 Day Self Love Challenge Experience

Young woman holding a lit heart shaped fixture - My 30 Day Self Love Challenge Experience - ILYNSI Yoga

Have you ever really listened to the conversations you’ve had with yourself? Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, have trouble speaking kind words to ourselves. Instead, we make self deprecating comments due to low self-esteem or to avoid looking self involved or inappropriate amongst our peers. There are many reasons for this that stem from our upbringing, our emotional wellbeing, our life experiences, or even societal expectations of being overly humble.   

Back in 2014, I completed the 30 Day Self Love Challenge that I documented on my personal Instagram. I discovered this challenge while searching for ways to become more confident. At the time, I was living on my own in a new state and feeling very vulnerable. I came across several videos on YouTube of girls sharing their 30 Day Self Love Challenge with the world. The challenge required that I say one loving thing about myself everyday for 30 days. Although the challenge was technically supposed to be a video, I felt more comfortable photo documenting it on Instagram. I also added a daily affirmation to my posts.

Young woman taking a selfie holding a yoga mat - My 30 Day Self Love Challenge - ILYNSI Yoga

(Day 1 of my 30 day self love challenge)

The challenge was definitely an emotional experience. At first I felt awkward expressing so much love and positivity toward myself. I noticed how different it was from my norm. I knew that my family and friends loved me but for some reason I couldn’t connect with these words so easily.  Over time, I began to notice an emotional shift in myself with every post. I noticed a strong sense of self esteem, I had less negative self talk and my overall happiness level increased. I began waking up feeling better about the day and also really enjoyed the activities I was doing throughout the day. I also began to see my family and friends in a different way. I had more love and patience toward them and i truly valued the time i spent with them.

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(Day 15 of my 30 day self love challenge)

After the 30 days were over I felt strong both mentally and emotionally. I also felt a natural state of happiness. I realized that self worth truly is an inside job. I learned to never allow others to define my self worth nor how I perceive myself. Learning to genuinely love myself has enabled me to create healthier habits such as daily positive affirmations, expressing gratitude, eating better, staying active, and surrounding myself with good people who only want to see me succeed. It also helped me to tap into my intuition because I was now able to distinguish my positive love associations from my negative love associations. I very much appreciate having gone through this experience and believe that it has changed me for the better.

Sun glowing over water - My 30 day self love challenge - ILYNSI Yoga

(Day 30 of my 30 day self love challenge) 

Now it’s your turn! Take the 30 Day Self Love Challenge and let me know how your experience goes.

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