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Mental health is a huge topic of discussion these days. There is so much craziness happening in the world and it is easy to get wrapped up in the negativity. Protecting your mental energy is just as important as any health regimen you may follow. Although many of us may not realize it, our mindset is what gets us through life. It is what allows us to achieve our highest accomplishments or prevents us from attempting them in the first place. Ours brains are our most powerful and mysterious resource that none of us have been capable of fully mastering.

“The only real power we have in this world is choosing our response” - Leila Janah

While reflecting on some of the darkest times in my life, I realized in hindsight that it was the depletion of my mental energy that prevented me from making logical decisions that benefited me. Instead, I would make decisions that were rooted in fear, uncertainty, and sadness. The output of these decisions were also never positive. Over the years, I have learned the importance of really assessing my emotions as well as separating myself from them. We are not our emotions. We are individuals experiencing emotions that tell us whether the situation we are in is right for us. Therefore, it is important that we learn how to manage our emotions and stay balanced and positive no matter how dire things might seem.

“In the end everything will be ok. If it is not ok then it is not the end”


Below are my top recommendations for staying positive and protecting your mental energy.  


There is no better remedy for negativity than travel. I always look to travel to lift my spirits. Travel allows you to see the world from many different perspectives. I recommend traveling  to parts of the world you normally wouldn’t.

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This is a picture of me in the Naduang Village in Laos. I spent one night there with a host family and saw that no matter what little they had in terms of material possessions they were still happy. There was something so beautiful about the way they lived. They did not have luxurious homes, a sophisticated plumbing system, or electricity but they did have each other. One of the things I love most about travel is realizing the oneness that we all have. Once you strip all the material possessions you remove the smoked mirrors and begin to see that that they live and love just like the rest of the world. In fact, I realized that even though I had much more than they did, I was not necessarily happier.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” - Lao Tzu

Spend Time With Quality People

So much of your quality of life is dependent on the people you associate yourself with. These include both personal and professional relationships. If you think that you can go to a job you hate in a toxic environment and still be happy you’re wrong. If you think you can surround yourself with friends and family who put you down or are negative then think again. People’s energy is highly transferable. If you get a gut feeling about something or someone, trust it. If you are surrounded by people who do not support your dreams or encourage you to be a better version of yourself, then walk away from them. Do not be afraid to walk your own path. The right people will always come into your life.

“Good people bring out the good in people”

Do What You Love

One of the best things you could do for yourself is doing what you truly love. Don’t waste your years at a job that doesn’t appreciate or fulfill your soul. I believe that people are unhappy because they are slaving away for a life they think they want. If you are concerned about maintaining a specific lifestyle then consider whether a minimalist  lifestyle is for you. You might also want to take inventory of why you think these items bring you joy. I recommend putting pen to paper and writing out what you imagine your life to be like. There is something so powerful about writing  things down that channels the parts of the mind that are connected to our imagination and deepest emotions. It is a powerful way of understanding the self and if you are looking to make a change in order to pursue what you love, then writing is a perfect place to start.

“Have the courage to live the life you really want”

Develop Hobbies

Studies show that people who spend money on experiences rather than material objects are happier. Developing hobbies is a great outlet for relieving stress, creating distance from a negative situation, and creating more joy in your life. One of my favorite hobbies is going for walks. I love exploring new streets, admiring the architecture and street art, and taking in the fresh air. Developing hobbies also creates a much more positive environment because not only do you have something to do, you also develop a social circle of like-minded people. It also enhances your quality of life because you develop new experiences, learning opportunities,  and positive memories that you can share with others for years to come.

“Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Overall, protecting your mental energy is your responsibility. Create the space you need to protect yourself and the people you love from negativity.

What are some of your recommendations for protecting your mental energy? Leave a comment below.

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