The Millennial Debate


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If you are a millennial then it’s very likely that you have endured the negative backlash from older generations. We’ve been called lazy, narcissistic, complainers, shallow, undeserving, and having unrealistically high expectations. The list can go on and on but I'll stop there for now. 

While I think that this may be true of some people it is not specific to millennials. There are plenty of people all over the world and from all generations with bad behaviors. Instead of bashing us why not look at the positive? Here's why I think we should be proud to be millennials. 

1. We can’t help the timing of our birth

Being born in an era of endless abundance, major technological advancements, and opportunities at our fingertips isn’t something to be ashamed of. Our previous generations have built up to this point and we applaud you therefore, we will continue to build for a better future for the coming generations. The difference is that now we are starting from a better position in life. This allows us to be even more creative as society continues to evolve. 

2. Millennials are very hard working

Contrary to popular belief, millennials are extremely hard working. We don't stick to the traditional nine to five work day. Rather, we are willing to put in the extra hours at work, go above and beyond to complete our tasks, and offer new creative ways to improve the work flow. We ask that in return our employers respect our time and needs as well. One of the biggest shifts of the times is that millennials are mission driven workers. We want to see the world become a better place and be part of a solution instead of ignoring it. 

3. Millennials are quick learners

Millennials are fast, sharp, and savvy. If you have a problem then we can develop any app to alleviate your business issues in no time. Not because we are lazy but because there has been a shift in mindset when it comes to time management. We no longer want to spend our days locked up in an office behind a desk and computer with minimal, forced, and unpleasant interaction with our peers. Instead, we value our quality time spent with the people we love and have found ways to monetize the things we love to do. 

4. Millennials have realized the broken promise

The workforce has changed faster than our education systems and we have figured out the scheme. During our parents and grandparents time the path was clear. Go to school, get a job with a solid pension plan, work for 40-50 years, retire, then start your life. The rates of depression after retirement is 40 to 60 times higher and can be attributed to having connected their identities to their jobs and not to their passions. While the previous generations have been conditioned to suppress their passions, millennials won't stand for it. We have realized that going to school and following the traditional career path does not provide a worthwhile return on the investment. Although education is extremely valuable, we  know there are other career paths in life that are truly fulfilling and meaningful. This may be upsetting to the previous generations who have wasted their youth on on a career they hated however, it is not fair to expect others to follow in your footsteps.   

5. Millennials have taken entrepreneurship to the next level

Previously, entrepreneurship was among the outliers like the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of the world. Now, everyone is an entrepreneur before starting high school. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and any other platform you can think off allows for an opportunity to start a business. Millennials are also able to quick-solve problems big and small using digital technology and many of them are doing so to create an impact to better this world. 

It's pretty clear that millennials have severely challenged the status quo and that has deeply upset the older generations. Regardless, we are here to stay and we have a voice worth listening to. We are an important part of the demographic and have a lot to offer. 

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