The Process of Decluttering Your Life

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The process of decluttering your closet may seem daunting especially since many of us become so attached to our possessions. Still, it is an important mental exercise that will help you learn to detach from material things.

I remember when I got my first apartment back in 2013, I had a blank canvas to work with. The only possessions I owned were my clothes and books. Since interior design is another huge passion of mine I was super excited to decorate my first place. I bought furniture, kitchen appliances, a mattress, and decorations 

It was when I was moving to a new apartment that I realized how much stuff accumulated over the past year and a half. After another year and a half in my second apartment I got a job back home and temporarily moved back in with my parents. My welcomed me with open arms but they did not welcome my stuff. So I had two options, either put my stuff into storage or sell my stuff. I decided to sell as much as I could and was actually able to get rid of 80% of my furniture.Throughout my moving process I realized how much stress all of my stuff was giving me. 

When I got to my parents house I realized I had way less space that I thought I would. I previously had three walk in closets full of clothes and accessories that I needed to dwindle down to one amour. So I spent the whole night going through my clothes as negotiating with myself. They say that if you haven’t worn something in the past year then you should throw it out and that was the logic I used when sorting through my stuff. 

It was a pretty emotional experience. I got rid of so many items that I loved and reminisced about the times I wore them. The sexy dress I wore on all my first dates, that top that gave me confidence on my girls nights, and that power blazer I had to wear to every office meeting. I loved every piece but because I couldn’t find space for it and I had neglected it for so long I had no choice but to let it go. On the flip side, I also had a bunch of clothes that had minor tears, stretches, and stains and I thought to myself "why was I holding onto all of this?"

The next day I dropped everything off at a donation bin and began to feel a strange new feeling. I felt lighter and happier. I also felt a shift in my balance. No more heavy objects weighing me down and my mind was clearer. Not only that, I changed my spending habits. Shopping became strategic for me. I began to only buy things I knew I needed and truly wanted. I curbed my impulse purchases and learned to really fall in love with the items in the store at the time of purchase. 

I realized that decluttering my closet was the first step to also decluttering my life. I felt reborn and ready to start a new chapter in my fashion sense, the way I express my personality, and the people I surround myself with.

Have you decluttered your life yet?! Leave a comment below and tell me all about your experience.


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