Why did I start ILYNSI Yoga?

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If you have read my yoga journey blog post then you probably know a little bit about my passion for yoga. To some yoga might just be a physical activity pursued on a habitual basis. For me, yoga became an eye opener to a whole new way of living and experiencing life’s journey. It’s not necessarily the physical activity of yoga that motivated me to start ILYNSI Yoga, although that is big part of it. It was the energetic reaction I felt when doing yoga that allowed me to feel receptive to the universe. I realized through yoga, and fitness in general, that I was working toward a goal and with consistent practice and progress I was feeling a sense of accomplishment. I also knew I had more to offer and couldn’t suppress that little voice inside me anymore.

 My Past Life

I have always been really passionate about the health and wellness space. Growing up in a traditional home, I was always taught to go to school, work hard, and get a good stable job, and so I did. I went to school, got a degree in Health Policy and Administration, and got a stable job, or so I thought. I believed that by pursuing a career in health policy I would be able to affect change on a larger scale. Although that is true on some level, there is a lot of gray area to sort through and it’s not as easy as it might sound.

Like many new graduates, I was upbeat, ambitious, and ready to take on the world. Once I entered the corporate world I realized that it was a very specific jungle that I was not properly equipped to survive. I describe my experiences in corporate in my “When Life Gets You Down” post. Over time, I realized that the corporate world was not the place I needed to be if I truly wanted to make a difference in this world. I was also not experiencing the same level of stability and growth that is typically promised in the corporate world. I am by no means a systematic or routine loving individual. I am also not someone who likes to be hushed or under appreciated for all the hard work I put into my deliverables.

I believe that we are guided toward our passions by first experiencing what we do not enjoy. I recall in my last job having a really bad day very soon after I started and my first instinct was not to talk to my boss or explain my side of the story. My first instinct was to start this business. The voice inside of me was loud and clear. I knew I could not ignore it any longer.

Be The Change

I finally came to the realization that if I really wanted to be happy I needed to stop waiting expecting for people to give me opportunities I believed I deserved. I realized that in order for things to change I needed to create those opportunities and nurture them. I also realized that by creating my own opportunities I decided whether or not I would lose those opportunities.

“If you wait for people to give you opportunities you give them the power to take those same opportunities away”

My vision for ILYNSI Yoga is to become an agent for change in this world. ILYNSI stands for environmental sustainability, enclothed cognition, and healthy living. ILYNSI aims to inspire others to be become more self-aware, live happily, and gain more confidence through active lifestyles and meaningful relationships.

 "Be the change you want to see in this world" – Ghandi

I hope that in my lifetime the world becomes a better place. ILYNSI Yoga is my contribution to this world. Although it is in its infant stages, I envision that it will grow to become a much larger entity in the yogaverse. I hope you will follow me along in this journey and wish you the courage to follow your own passions.

It Was A Process

It wasn’t easy for me to take the leap into this new entrepreneurial venture. It was definitely an emotional roller-coaster. Taking the leap requires that you take a good hard look at yourself, your ability to trust yourself, and your ability to take risks. When I first started telling people about this new chapter in my life, not everyone was supportive. It caused me to second-guess myself but then I thought, the alternative would be to enter the corporate world again and that was not an option I wanted to consider any longer.

Everyday is a new opportunity to become a better version of yourself. It is also a new opportunity to follow your true passions. My advice to you, don’t let another day go by thinking that you don’t have what it takes to become the best version of yourself because you do! Only you get to decide how happy and successful you will be in this lifetime.

Let’s continue the conversation! What are some of your passions that you wish to pursue??

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