Welcome to ILYNSI YOGA!


ILYNSI Yoga is an athletics brand geared toward the female demographic within the yoga community. The brand’s mission and promise stand on three pillars of design:

  • Functional – all of our products are uniquely designed to ensure functionality and high performance. 
  • Fashionable – The design is made for all occasions from the office to the gym to even a night out (non-formal). For the athlete on the go, we aim to provide products as the perfect time saving wardrobe addition.
  • Sustainable - provide premium yet sustainable products to protect the environment and promote overall health and wellbeing.



    ILYNSI Yoga began to inspire women leading dynamic lives to pursue healthier and more active lifestyles. Like many of you, my days are hectic filled with work, meetings, running errands, and going to my daily yoga practice. Also, like many of you, my wardrobe didn’t consist of the necessary multifunctional yet fashionable pieces that would be appropriate across all these settings. I got tired of carrying a bag full of clothes to change into before and after my yoga classes, and worse being late because I had to change. With that, ILYNSI Yoga was born!

    My goal is to encourage you to live a healthier and more active lifestyle by creating more efficiency in your day. 


    ILYNSI Yoga is a startup brand burgeoning within the yoga apparel industry. We are working non-stop to develop a high-quality and multipurpose clothing line with a luxurious look and feel that is both comfortable and chic to extend beyond your athletic needs.

    Our mission is to create a brand that promotes self-esteem and motivates you to reach your fitness and health goals. We are using the power of enclothed cognition and functional design to enhance your daily performance and increase your efficiency. 

    We hope that you will continue to grow with us as the ILYNSI brand develops from its infancy. We also hope that you be engaged by submitting comments, following our social media platforms, and purchasing products. We have launched with an eco friendly line of yoga equipment including yoga mats, yoga blocks, and the yoga wheel that are not only good for you but also good for the environment through sustainable manufacturing. 

    We have so much in store for you in the coming months and we can't wait to share it with you!